Can matcha tea help you slim down? It's actually good for beauty.


Japanese tea has an image of being "green tea".

Green tea is made by boiling tea leaves in hot water, which causes the nutrients to leach out.

The same is true of black tea.

The beautiful moss green colour of “Matcha” is made by dissolving powdered tea leaves in water or milk and drinking it as it is, allowing you to consume the whole nutritional content. Matcha, which allows you to take in all the nutrients, has great potential for weight loss and beauty benefits.

But, you must be thinking.

Can I lose weight just by drinking Matcha?

Why “Matcha” can help you slim down?

1, Inhibits fat absorption

During the transfer of fat ingested through meals from the stomach to the small intestine, it is broken down by enzymes contained in pancreatic juice into a form that can be absorbed in the small intestine. At this time, the catechins in matcha work to inhibit the effects of fat absorption.

2, Fiber improves bowel health

Fiber stimulates intestinal motility. Because matcha is made from soft leaves and drunk whole, it has by far the highest amount of fiber per cup.

In addition, the soluble fiber in matcha helps prevent blood sugar from rising. This is a power drink that can be utilized when dieting, which can sometimes lead to constipation.

3, Helps burn fat

Matcha tea is rich in caffeine, which activates lipolytic enzymes, thereby accelerating the breakdown and metabolism of body fat, and is expected to have a high fat-burning effect.

Catechins are also believed to promote the burning of visceral and subcutaneous fat, making it easier to burn fat after drinking matcha.

4, Antioxidant action for beauty

The polyphenols in matcha have high antioxidant properties. And epigallocatechin in particular has a high antioxidant effect and is effective in removing active oxygen. Matcha also contains vitamin E, which is useful in preventing arteriosclerosis and aging.

Instead of drinking coffee or soda, drink Matcha!

Although the caffeine in coffee and tea also has fat-burning effects

A cup of coffee (150 ml brewed with 10 g of beans) contains about 60 mg of caffeine, while a cup of matcha (2 g of matcha and 60 ml of hot water) contains 64 mg of caffeine, almost the same amount as coffee.

And while sodas and energy drinks are sweet and refreshing drinks, they contain large amounts of invisible calories and sugar, increasing your risk for obesity!

The catechins contained in matcha tea are said to be more effective for weight loss when consumed in amounts of 200 mg or more per day. Drinking matcha instead of coffee or soda, along with the effects of caffeine and dietary fiber, can help you lose more weight.

The most effective way to achieve this effect is to drink about 3 cups a day.

Drink it when you wake up and at lunch; drink it during breaks such as at 3 pm, and aim for 6 gm a day to get a slimmer you.

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