Matcha Arrangement Recipes

Eat more aromatic and nutritious matcha!

For you, this is a recipe for "chotto-sashi (flavor)" that is unique to matcha, a tea that can be eaten as it is.

Matcha Cereal/Granola
Cereal/granola with banana or other fruit and matcha powder.
Add a splash of milk and you have matcha, fruit, and milk all at once for a perfectly balanced breakfast.

Matcha yogurt
Eating matcha green tea on yogurt is an easy way to nourish your body, and the yogurt makes the bitter and astringent taste of matcha milder, making it easier to eat!

Matcha Salad Oil
Just mix olive oil, vinegar, a little salt and pepper with matcha powder to make a matcha flavored dressing. It goes well with chicken and fish as well as salads.


Matcha can also be used as a secret ingredient in pasta, French fries, chicken wings, and other dishes.

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